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IGN: mr2f0
9 months ago

Punishment Appeal Format


The following is the format that should be followed when making a punishment appeal. Failure to follow this format will result in instant denial.

Please note that not all punishments are appealable. You are not allowed to appeal blacklist, and repeat punishments or punishments for sever offences may be instantly denied. Copy and paste everything below this message and paste it into a new thread. The title of your appeal thread should be as follows. [Your name]'s Punishment Appeal


What is your Minecraft Username?:

What is your Discord Username? [Example#1234]:

Username of the staff member that punished you:

What type of punishment are you appealing? [Ban, Mute]:

Why were you punished?:

Have you been punished for this in the past?:

Why should your punishment be reduced/removed?:

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